Funding for Select Storefront Improvements is Available to Businesses in the City Centre

Funding for Select Storefront Improvements is Available to Businesses in the City Centre Main Photo

2 May 2024

The Spruce Grove City Centre Storefront Improvement Program offers opportunities for both aesthetic and functional improvements within the City Centre. The City of Spruce Grove has allocated $75,000 for eligible businesses and building owners as a funding incentive to make exterior improvements to their storefronts.

Funding Incentives Are Available For City Centre Businesses That Add Aesthetic and Functional Renovations

Typical projects further at least one of the four parts of SIP’s vision below. But the list is not exhaustive, and the Spruce Grove Storefront Improvement Program encourages eligible businesses to submit their own ideas.

Pedestrian Enjoyment and Quality Design

The program has successfully repainted and reclad pedestrian-facing facades, and encourages adding architectural features and public art to diversify building aesthetics and local color. Plantings, public seating, and other pedestrian amenities are welcome additions to sidewalks in front of stores.


Improved business appearance is a critical segment of the program. Eye-catching blade signs perpendicular to the sidewalk present businesses’ names and logos to shoppers as an inexpensive way to make businesses literally stand out from their neighbors. Aesthetically designed outdoor lighting illuminates spaces and sidewalks, catches late-night shoppers’ attention and plays a critical role in promoting safety and crime prevention.

Climate and Weather Protection 

Longevity through Alberta winters is improved with recessing, awnings, and windshields. The SIP also encourages planting additional high-quality trees and shrubs to enhance visual quality.


 Supplement ADA requirements with handrails, door openers, or high-contrast and cane-detectable curbs and barriers.

Contact the Economic & Business Development Department at (780) 962-7608 or to apply or request information.