“Everything we need is here in Spruce Grove.  The location is central to the domestic drilling market, we have support from the Mayor and Council, and the city is very family oriented to support our staff.”

– Darrell Demers, Owner, Lea-Der Coatings

“Retaining long-term employees is key.  It's difficult to do but we've done it in Spruce Grove”

– Jack Sequin, Owner, Alberta Precast

“In Spruce Grove we have everything in the way of retail businesses, excellent schools and first-class sport facilities all right here"

– Braven Blackwell, President, Seljax

“In terms of meeting our needs, Spruce Grove was simply by far the best place for us to locate.”

– Glenn Feltham, President & CEO, NAIT

The feeling of home and family orientated culture has allowed us to retain our most valuable asset, our people.Thompson is proud to call Spruce Grove home.”​​​​​

– Neil Matheson, CFO, Thompson Construction

"The advantage of locating in Spruce Grove is that we have good access to great people who would rather work locally.”

– Jodie Stafford, Owner, Avalon Global

'"The City has the space we need—store frontage with lots of traffic and warehouse space”

– Rik Kaminsky, Co-Owner & CEO, Solare Canada

"There is a friendly work environment in this city related to doing business and finding the right employees.”

– Robert Smith, Operations Manager, Cargill Protein

“The sense of community is strong here, and so are the business-to-business relationships.  When we expand our business further it will be here.” 

– Anthony Warbeck, Sales Director, ACKT Industries

“One of the main advantages to being located in Spruce Grove is the sense of community and local support.” 

– Neil Matheson, CAO, Thompson Construction Group

"Spruce Grove is a desirable community and everything that people need is here. We’re excited for a strong future in this city."

– John McAffray, President of Alquinn Homes

“We chose Spruce Grove because it had the best real estate prices in the area compared to other industrial parks".

– Tim Martin, General Manager, Cross Country Infrastructure

“Welcoming NAIT to Spruce Grove instantly raises our profile as a competitive place to learn and do business. It will create exciting opportunities for us to attract residents, workers, organizations and other commercial and industrial ventures to the city.”

– Stuart Houston, Mayor of Spruce Grove

"Spruce Grove is home.  Locating here just made sense.”

– Paul Gutteridge, Owner, Sandhills Manufacturing Ltd.

"It’s all here, everything we need.”

– Norm Austin, Owner, Noranco Transport

"Our brand is recognized as quality in more than 40 countries today.”

Bee Maid Honey

"Spruce Grove and the neighbouring areas offer all we need for our business and our family life.”

– Lee Ready, President, Ready Engineering

“Locating in Spruce Grove is prime for us.  We need to be centrally located in the province to reach our customers and move our products.”  

– Anthony Worbeck, Sales Director, ACKT Industries

“Logistically, everything is here – infrastructure, amenities and the transportation network to access our customers in all directions. When we expand, it will be here.”

– Tim Martin, General Manager, Cross Country Infrastructure Services Canada Inc.

 “The feeling of home and family orientated culture has allowed us to retain our most valuable asset, our people.”

– Neil Matheson, CFO, Thompson Construction Group

“We are happy with this central location as a lot of material for our projects comes through our Spruce Grove operation.”

– Chris Pezoulas, Director of Operations, TransCanada

“We like the quality of services in Spruce Grove in comparison to other industrial areas.”

– Jonathan Rozendaal, President, Rozen Steel Works