Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

We are a thriving city with over 35,000 people. 

Located on the western edge of Edmonton - Alberta’s Capital City - Spruce Grove is one of the fastest growing mid-size cities in western Canada and holds a prominent position within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region - a robust hub of 1.3 million people.

Ideally situated between the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway and Highway 16A, Spruce Grove is well connected to major transportation networks, the Edmonton International Airport, and the CN & CP intermodal facilities.   These strategic locational factors, along with lower start-up costs and access to all levels of skilled workers, has resulted in a prosperous industrial base within our city.

Spruce Grove is a self-sufficient urban centre and is a commercial destination for a larger trade area population of 138,000.  Consumers appreciate the big-city amenities and diverse mix of urban shopping and services Spruce Grove offers without the traffic and crowd congestion.

Spruce Grove offers a strong population and employment growth, a vast consumer market, a range of retail, commercial, and industrial spaces, and all the opportunities a business community needs to succeed – located within close proximity.  Read more!

Glad you found us and welcome to Spruce Grove!