Key Industries

As we grow, industry clusters have emerged that are poised to generate jobs, investment, and increased economic activity.

These key industries are a primary focus for the economic development team at Spruce Grove, and we invite your business to explore the advantages and synergies of locating within our vibrant community.

Transportation Supply & Logistics

Easy connections to rail, road, and air offer direct routes to customers and rapid response access to the growing system of pipelines throughout western Canada.

With 31 businesses in the transportation and warehousing industry in Spruce Grove's industrial areas, this sector is the 2nd largest in Spruce Grove.


Non-residential and residential construction are well developed and expanding sectors and with the skilled local trades workforce there is room for more growth. 

With 40 business employing 465 workers in Spruce Grove's industrial areas alone, Construction is the top industry in Spruce Grove.

Agri-Food Processing

Spruce Grove holds numerous advantages for agricultural processing companies including a qualified and accessible workforce, lower start up costs, a mix of regional crops and livestock and an established base of major processors in and around the city. 

Wholesale Trade

As the service and supply destination for a trade area population of 138,000, a growing industrial, commercial, and retail base requiring a wide array of products and services, and Spruce Grove's key position within one of the most prosperous areas in the province, Wholesale Trade in Spruce Grove continues to experience noteable growth.

Manufacturing Fabrication & Processing

With 30 businesses in Spruce Grove's industrial areas, Manufacturing is the 3rd largest industry in Spruce Grove.  With the demand for fabricated metal products in northwestern Alberta and northereastern British Columbia, servicing requirements of regional power plants, and extensive pipeline design, construction, and maintenance - industrial and oilfield fabrication is a well established sector in Spruce Grove.

Energy Sector Services

The energy sector has a strong presence in Spruce Grove.  In addition to the activity directly tied to the mining, oil and gas extraction industry, companies construction, transportation, and manufacuring experience crossover and attribute much of their success to the energy sector.  

The industrial base in Spruce Grove offers opportunities to supply and service local energy sector companies in various specialties.

Event Tourism

Event tourism is one of the highest growth potential ‘industries’ in  Spruce Grove.  While considerable progress has been achieved in developing this sector, the goal remains to draw more tourists and capture the associated retail, commercial, and hospitality expenditures.


Environmental Products, Services and Technologies

Spruce Grove undertakes environmental initiatives including sustainable neighbourhoods and implementing green policies and standards into City operations, including LEED certified municipal buildings.  This, along with the City’s commitment to prudent environmental stewardship, creates an environment conducive to business growth within these sectors.

Destination Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, & Accommodation

A major commercial centre for some 300,000 regional residents, Spruce Grove has a well developed retail services economy with opportunity for expansion.  With the new Westwind Centre under development, and the proposed multi-use event centre, our City is in need of more hotels and choices in full-service dining.



Braven-Seljax Image

“In Spruce Grove we have everything in the way of retail businesses, excellent schools and first-class sport facilities all right here.” 

Braven Blackwell, President, Seljax

Thompson Image

“The feeling of home and family orientated culture has allowed us to retain our most valuable asset, our people.”

Neil Matheson, CFO, Thompson Construction Group

AB-Precast Image

“Retaining long-term employees is key. It’s difficult to do, but we’ve done it in Spruce Grove.”

Jack Seguin, Owner, Alberta Precast Products

Rik-Solare Image

“The City has the space we need—store frontage with lots of traffic and warehouse space.”

Rik Kaminsky, Co-Owner and CEO, Solaré Canada Inc.

ACKT Image

“Locating in Spruce Grove is prime for us.  We need to be centrally located in the province to reach our customers and move our products.”  

Anthony Worbeck, Sales Director, ACKT Industries

CC Image

“We chose Spruce Grove because it had the best real estate prices in the area compared to other industrial parks.”

Tim Martin, General Manager, Cross Country Infrastructure Services Canada Inc.