Key Industries

Industry clusters generate jobs, investment, and economic activity.

Transportation Supply & Logistics

Companies attracted to Spruce Grove specialize in overweight and oversized loads with destinations west and northwest of the region. Spruce Grove is improving Jennifer Heil Way north to TransCanada Yellowhead Highway 16 as the oversize overweight load corridor.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

A diverse range of EPC-related firms are located in Spruce Grove, from small engineering firms, such as Aegis West, to large construction companies such as Thompson Construction Group. We offer plenty of opportunities in areas such as heavy construction, modular housing, engineering services, and more.

Agri-Food Processing

There are many advantages for agricultural processing companies including workforce, lower start up costs, a mix of regional crops and livestock and processors in and around the city. 

Wholesale Trade

Our trade area population of 150,000 requires a wide array of products and services. Wholesale Trade in Spruce Grove continues to experience noteable growth.

Manufacturing Fabrication & Processing

With the demand for fabricated metal products, servicing of power plants, and pipeline design, construction, and maintenance - industrial and oilfield fabrication is well established in Spruce Grove.

Energy Sector Services

The energy sector has a strong presence in Spruce Grove.  In addition to activity tied to mining and oil and gas extraction, there is considerable crossover into our other prominent sectors.

Event Tourism

Event tourism is one of the highest growth potential ‘industries’ in  Spruce Grove.  While considerable progress has been achieved in developing this sector, the goal remains to draw more tourists and capture the associated retail, commercial, and hospitality expenditures.

Environmental Products, Services and Technologies

Spruce Grove is serious about the environment.  We have sustainable neighbourhoods, implement green standards into City operations, and operate out of LEED certified municipal buildings.  This supports industry growth within these sectors.

Destination Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, & Accommodation

A major commercial centre for a large trade area, Spruce Grove has exciting opportunities in this sector.  With the potential of a new civic centre being built in Westwind Centre, we need more hotels, entertainment facilities, and full-service dining.

Film Productions

Spruce Grove has many eye-catching site-worthy locations and events that would be ideal settings for film directors and producers. 

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