Economic Development in Spruce Grove

Economic development is the intentional practice of improving a community's economic well-being and quality of life.

Spruce Grove’s Economic & Business Development team strives to create a healthy business environment.  A strong business community provides locally-produced goods and services.  They create employment opportunities.  Their taxes support essential services such as schools, roads, and emergency services.  The result?  An affordable, sustainable community.  An exceptional quality of life.

How can we help?

Most entrepreneurs succeed because they invest their sweat and ingenuity in the process.  They know their team is dedicated to the success of their company.  We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team.

As a Spruce Grove city department devoted to economic and business development, it’s our mission to leverage opportunities for entrepreneurs like you.  Our purpose is to:

  • Provide support to our entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Assist with business expansions that create new jobs
  • Target and attract new investment
  • Promote our city as a place to conduct business
  • Connect businesses with valuable resources
  • Celebrate and endorse our business community

Our efforts to stimulate economic growth while considering the best interests of the community is guided by our Economic Development Strategy and the leadership of an Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Partners in economic development