Shop Local

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Spruce Grove. Shop local for gifts that are sure to please everyone on your list. If any folks we mention seem familiar, you’ll be in good hands shopping for them at the stores on our lists.

the gamer

The Gamer is a tech-savvy, analytical, competitive, and sociable. In addition to loving new games and peripherals, they love gaming-related collectibles and experiences, including VR and board games. They hopes they're gifts come from:

the diva

The Diva is glamorous, discerning, confident and charismatic. They love luxury, looking their best and turning heads with their arresting appearance. Though they are person of taste and sophistication, they have a down-to-earth personality and a touch of whimsy. They are hoping for gifts from:

the fur babies

The Fur-Baby is always in the holiday spirit. They love getting gifts, feeling included, and being fussed over along with everyone else. Their tail wagging, purring, and snuggling is the greatest “Thank You” anyone could want. The best local Gifts for Fur-Babies can be found at:

the trendsetter

The Trendsetter stays ahead of the curve. They think creatively, take risks, and always look like a million bucks.   This  influencer  is sure to be delighted by gifts from:

the foodie

The Foodie is passionate about exploring and appreciating a wide variety of culinary experiences. They love trying new restaurants, experimenting with recipes, shopping for ingredients, and sampling all things delicious and local.  When you buy gifts for the Foodie they hope you'll go to:

the adventure seeker

The Adventure Seeker is a fearless bundle of energy with a zest for life and a love of the outdoors. They are always up for new experiences, especially if they involve athletic challenges and meeting new people. They hope their gifts come from:

the hard-to-buy-for

The Hard-to-Buy-For is the type to say, “Don’t buy me anything.” But you can’t let it go at that. They know it’s truly the thought that counts and love personalized gifts and just about anything consumable, including gourmet foods,  seasonal flower arrangements, and  special occasions and experiences.  Their favourite Spruce Grove stores include:

the party-goer

The Partygoer lives for this time of the year. They are a favourite on everyone’s guest list because they always show up looking smashing, telling great jokes, and never arriving empty-handed. On their way to a party, they are likely to stop at one of these shops for a “grab and go” gift.

the brew master

The Brew Master loves well-crafted IPOs. In addition to enjoying every detail of the DIY home brewing process, they have a passion for research – tasting and gaining inspiration in local taprooms and microbreweries. People who buy for the Brew Master know they can’t go wrong with a gift certificate for snacks or drinks at a lively local haunt:

the creator

The Creator has a great eye, an artistic touch, and a bottomless reservoir of ideas. They are a lifelong learner who is at their best when they are elbow-deep in a project.   The Creator’s friends find them easy to buy for — as long as they stick to their favourite local merchants.


Whether you shop for one special someone or have a list that rivals Santa’s, you’ll find a  winter wonderland of holiday gifts in Spruce Grove. Get into the holiday spirit. Come explore local shopping at its best!


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