Rural infrastructure projects create Alberta jobs

Rural infrastructure projects create Alberta jobs Main Photo

13 Aug 2021


An investment of $31.5 million in 2021-22 will create 260 new jobs for Albertans and build rural communities for a bigger and brighter future. Budget 2021 includes $103.4 million in STIP funding over three years. Alberta’s government is investing heavily in its most important resource – its people.

“STIP funding will support rural and smaller urban municipalities with local transportation infrastructure. Now more than ever, strong infrastructure is vital to attracting investment, and this funding will help ensure they have the roads and bridges they need to grow sustainably, while also creating much-needed jobs.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Transportation
"A significant part of Alberta's post-pandemic recovery will be this investment in rural transportation infrastructure. I am pleased that the Grande Prairie area will be the beneficiary of a portion of the needed investment."

Travis Toews, Minister of Finance and President of the Treasury Board, MLA Grande Prairie-Wapiti

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