Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerators Program

Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerators Program Main Photo

10 Aug 2021

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Leading global accelerators are coming to Alberta to build our entrepreneurial ecosystem with the support of a funding consortium led by Alberta Innovates. The Ministry of Jobs Economy and InnovationPrairiesCan, and Innovate Edmonton are all providing funding for this groundbreaking initiative. The Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program (Scaleup GAP) will accelerate Alberta’s companies to scale and grow and to propel digital transformation.

Program objectives:

  • Increase entrepreneurial scaleup capacity and knowledge in Alberta.
  • Establish a critical mass of new ventures in specialized tech sectors.
  • Increase the number of Alberta new junior tech scaleups.
  • Create Alberta jobs.
  • Increase new Alberta tech company revenue.
  • Increase follow-on investment (investment attraction)

More details to follow. Read more from Alberta Innovates.