Digital Technology Solving Oil and Gas Problem

Digital Technology Solving Oil and Gas Problem Main Photo

12 Mar 2021


Unexpected trucking and disposal costs, wait times, difficulty quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and documentation errors are just some of the problems that plague the inefficient waste disposal market. It is a problem for many oil and gas producers in Alberta, one that Galatea Technologies in Calgary is helping to solve by optimizing and digitizing oilfield disposal and transportation logistics.

Clients want to send waste to the disposal facility at the lowest price. But they are not able to easily assess all the factors that contribute to the overall cost and efficiency of a load. For instance, the cheapest facility isn’t always the closest, and can result in additional trucking costs and increased GHG emissions. As well, capacity issues at a facility can result in additional idling time costs. The Galatea founding team’s experience in trucking, logistics, waste disposal, and oil and gas operations make them well-suited to finding a solution.

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