Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB - Launched!

Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB - Launched! Main Photo

14 Apr 2021

EDMONTON REGION HYDROGEN HUB  As hydrogen is a vital component of our clean energy system, Canada launched the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB, an initiative to build Canada's first low-carbon hydrogen economy in our region. Hydrogen will be a vital component of our clean energy system, projected to deliver up to 30% of Canada’s end-use energy in a net-zero future.

Did you know that hydrogen can be made in the Edmonton Region for half the wholesale price of diesel? And that’s only one of the reasons why the region is the best launch point for a pan-Canadian hydrogen economy. The Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB will help make the Edmonton Region, Alberta, and Canada leading producers, users, and exporters of low-carbon hydrogen the world wants.

The world is moving quickly towards a clean energy future. Creating regional hydrogen HUBs and linking them to create a strong pan-Canadian hydrogen economy is key to both reaching net-zero and ensuring our long-term competitiveness. Picture a future for the Edmonton Region, where buses, trains, heavy trucks, heating, and farm machinery all run on low-carbon hydrogen, ensuring good clean energy jobs and a strong economic future. This is the vision for the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB. Read more.