The future of health is digital

The future of health is digital Main Photo

4 Mar 2021


Digital health is about the transformation of care delivery – surrounding Albertans with the health and wellness resources they need, where and when they need them. Through the use of digital technologies including mobile applications, electronic medical records, artificial intelligence, wearable devices and more, digital health empowers Albertans to improve their health outcomes. This technology is changing the way we interact with our doctors, diagnose and treat diseases, and train medical professionals, ensuring a healthier future for our province. Many such technologies are being developed by innovators right here in Alberta and resulting in a growing digital health economy leading to jobs, revenue and exports.

Over the past year, digital health solutions have become more widely adopted. This is partially due to some important policy changes like an adjusted schedule of medical benefits to extend coverage for virtual appointments, enabling more family physicians to offer video or phone appointments. Alberta-based companies are also pivoting to meet the important needs of the health system.

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