Get Detailed Property Data When Viewing Commercial Properties for Sale in Spruce Grove

25 May 2020

Accessing detailed property data when viewing commercial properties for sale in Spruce Grove can save you time and money. Our FREE real estate search tools allow for you to view properties for sale or lease in Spruce Grove and then to obtain additional information by simply filtering the map view. For example, you can view the following information -

  • Land use data
  • Parcel information
  • Location of sewer lines, water lines and hydrants

Viewing this information during a property search can make it easier to decide which properties should make it onto the short list for future site visits. 

Detailed Property Data on Commercial Properties for Sale in Spruce Grove

Invest Spruce Grove provides this information free of charge through our online site locator tools. To learn more about the properties that are currently for sale or lease in Spruce Grove, click here. Once on the page, click on the map button at the top and select ‘local data’ to determine which pieces of information you would like to see.