Spruce Grove’s Major Employers Are Diverse

Spruce Grove’s Major Employers Are Diverse Main Photo

1 Feb 2021

Spruce Grove has a diverse business ecosystem that includes major employers from a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction, non-profits, education, transportation, retail, engineering, energy, and professional services. This diversity contributes to the strength of our economy. Rather than relying on one sector to influence job and economic growth, we benefit from the strength of an ecosystem that benefits from combining talents and working together. 

We welcome new businesses to join our diverse ecosystem and to start by getting to know our major employers. Some of these employers may be possible partners, or could be a link in the supply chain. To learn more about them visit our website and then contact Spruce Grove Economic Development to learn more about the opportunities that are available within our great community. 

Click here to view a list of major employers in Spruce Grove.