Spruce Grove’s GIS Tools Make It Easy to Search for Properties

Spruce Grove’s GIS Tools Make It Easy to Search for Properties Main Photo

27 Jul 2020

 Using Spruce Grove’s GIS tools, site selectors, realtors and executives can search for properties and prepare detailed reports on each location. These tools are free on the Invest Spruce Grove website. 

How to Use GIS Tools

Spruce Grove’s GIS Tools can be accessed by clicking here for demographic data and here for a property search. These tools are typically used together by site selectors needing to obtain detailed data on various properties. For example, using the property search tools, site selectors can find available industrial space. By using the map tools, these properties can be assessed for their proximity to major transportation routes. Once properties are chosen as possibilities, the GIS demographic tools can be used to determine if the community has the right workforce to support the business (or this can be done in reverse). 

A benefit if using the GIS Tools on the Invest Spruce Grove website is that everything is free and reports can be generated to review at a later date, or for presentations to a larger group. Click here to get started. 



“We chose Spruce Grove because it had the best real estate prices in the area compared to other industrial parks.”

Tim Martin, General Manager, Cross Country Infrastructure Services Canada Inc.



“Locating in Spruce Grove is prime for us.  We need to be centrally located in the province to reach our customers and move our products.”  

Anthony Worbeck, Sales Director, ACKT Industries



“The feeling of home and family orientated culture has allowed us to retain our most valuable asset, our people.”

Neil Matheson, CFO, Thompson Construction Group



“In Spruce Grove we have everything in the way of retail businesses, excellent schools and first-class sport facilities all right here.” 

Braven Blackwell, President, Seljax



“Retaining long-term employees is key. It’s difficult to do, but we’ve done it in Spruce Grove.”

Jack Seguin, Owner, Alberta Precast Products



“The City has the space we need—store frontage with lots of traffic and warehouse space.”

Rik Kaminsky, Co-Owner and CEO, Solaré Canada Inc.