Spruce Grove: The Best Place to do Business!

20 Jun 2019

Looking for the best place to do business? Check out Spruce Grove! The city is home to hundreds of businesses in a multitude of industries. These industries include Agriculture, Utility Services, Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesales, Retail, Transportation and Warehousing, Banking, Real Estate, Technical Service, Education, and Healthcare Services and more!

So, what makes Spruce Grove a good fit for your business? Aside from being home to a wide array of industries, it is also home to a workforce of highly trained and skilled workers, has a close connection to major highways, railways, and airports, and gives a significantly lower non-residential tax rate compared to surrounding cities. Spruce Grove already has an established industrial, commercial, and retail base. For more information on why Spruce Grove is a prized location for any business to be located, click here and find out why Spruce Grove is the best place to do business!