Find the Best Trails in Spruce Grove

Find the Best Trails in Spruce Grove Main Photo

29 Aug 2022

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Get your exercise by walking or biking on Spruce Grove’s best trails. Our trail system is well developed and ideal for people who want to casually or competitively walk or bike. You can also push a stroller down our paved trails or bring a scooter. 

The Best Trails in Spruce Grove

Our two top trails are:

#1 Heritage Grove Park Trail System

For a shaded, paved place to walk, The Heritage Grove Park Trail System in Spruce Grove is ideal. It’s popular with dog lovers too. The trail takes you to an off-leash dog park where Fido can run and play. Even if you don’t have a dog, Spruce Grove’s most popular trail system is a fun place to exercise. 

“This protected natural wonder provides over 40 km of all-weather trails and connects many of Spruce Grove’s neighbourhoods. Along the trails are a series of outdoor classrooms where you can learn about the history and evolution of the forest.”

#2 Jubilee Park’s multi-purpose trails

Jubilee Park’s trails connect visitors with numerous recreation and relaxation spots within the park. From the paved walking and bike trails, you can access the playground, disc golf, picnic structures, and more.     

Download a map of Spruce Grove’s trails here.