Sports You Can Play in Spruce Grove (Plus Fun Recreational Activities)

Sports You Can Play in Spruce Grove (Plus Fun Recreational Activities) Main Photo

22 Aug 2022

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There are plenty of sports you can play in Spruce Grove, along with outdoor recreational activities this summer. And, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them! Grab your gear and get outside by visiting Spruce Grove’s recreation centers. 

Top Sports & Recreation Activities in Spruce Grove

Some of our favorite sporting activities in Spruce Grove are:

#1 Pickleball in Spruce Grove

Pickleball is similar to tennis but a lot easier to play if you’re a beginner or playing with kids. Spruce Grove’s Pickleball Courts are open to the public.

#2 Tennis Courts in Spruce Grove

You don’t have to join a private club to play tennis in Spruce Grove. There are five city-owned tennis courts in Spruce Grove. Our public Tennis Courts are well-maintained and open from 7 am -10 pm.

Golf in Spruce Grove#3 Golf in Spruce Grove

What can we say - we love golf in Spruce Grove! There are several ways to play here. Start by improving your drive at the South Century Driving Range. Once you’re feeling confident, play a round at Alberta’s premier course - The Links at Spruce Grove.  If you love golf and get disappointed when a rainy day ruins your plans, don’t despair. In Spruce Grove, you can play golf in the rain too - just virtually. The OnPar Golf & Lounge is an indoor virtual golf facility that uses technology to simulate a real round of golf.

Play Sports at the TransAlta Tri-Leisure Centre

For more fun activities this summer, head to Spruce Grove’s TransAlta Tri-Leisure Centre drop-ins. They offer different activities every day and you can drop in when you have time. Examples include swimming, volleyball, and public skating.