Residents Benefit From Spruce Grove’s City Centre Revitalization

Residents Benefit From Spruce Grove’s City Centre Revitalization Main Photo

18 Jul 2022


Spruce Grove’s residents will benefit from the investment the City is making in the downtown core. “City Council has made a commitment to revitalize our downtown, make it more accessible and vibrant so that everyone can enjoy downtown Spruce Grove,” said Dave Walker, Director, Economic & Business Development. “That investment is creating additional gathering and entertaining spaces like the stage in Columbus Park. It also includes streetscape improvements, enhanced parking and lighting and basic benefits like benches that make it possible to sit, relax and stay in downtown longer.”

“As Spruce Grove’s downtown becomes even more accessible and beautiful it will add to the enjoyment of living here,” added Walker. Residents were invited to participate in the planning process for the City Centre Revitalization project and many did provide feedback. That was taken into consideration for the final planning and now those plans are being acted upon in the form of construction. Phase 1 of this project will be completed in late 2023. 

Regular updates on Spruce Grove’s City Centre Revitalization project are posted here.