What Is Spruce Grove’s City Centre Revitalization Initiative?

What Is Spruce Grove’s City Centre Revitalization Initiative? Main Photo

4 Jul 2022


Spruce Grove’s City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan is focused on making the City Centre a place where people of all ages come to shop, dine, work, live, socialize, interact and participate in a variety of community, arts and cultural experiences. 

“When the City Council approved the CCARP in 2020, it was about creating a vision for this part of our community that would transform it into a dynamic and vibrant mixed use space,” said Mayor Jeff Acker. 

Street Improvements Are Part of Spruce Grove’s Redevelopment Plan

McLeod Avenue and Main Street are key destinations within the redevelopment plan as they are popular commercial and social destinations in Spruce Grove. By improving sidewalks, street crossings, landscaping, seating and places to gather, City Centre will become a safe and appealing space for residents and tourists. Phase 1 improvements will be completed over two years and are expected to be done in the fall of 2023. 

Columbus Park is Being Enhanced

Columbus Park will become a destination for events and festivals through the addition of a stage and the development of clear gathering spaces. By integrating Columbus Park into the redevelopment plan it will be easier for people to move between recreation, entertainment, shopping and dining activities downtown.

You can read status updates here.