How Spruce Grove’s City Centre Revitalization Will Help Businesses

How Spruce Grove’s City Centre Revitalization Will Help Businesses Main Photo

16 Jun 2022


Spruce Grove’s downtown businesses will benefit from the City’s revitalization efforts. Beautification activities like planting trees and adding seating will make the downtown area a destination and place to spend significant time, rather than to shop, eat and leave. Connecting Columbus Park to the main downtown through walkways, while also adding more lighting and creating a beautiful stage, the downtown area will become a draw for residents and tourists as well. Ultimately, this beautiful walkable space will become a destination point for people throughout the region, giving Spruce Grove’s business owners the opportunity to attract additional customers. 

The City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (CCARP) Involves Some Road Closures

Businesses could experience temporary inconveniences as the work progresses. “We certainly recognize this work will have an impact on City Centre businesses, as well as patrons and residents to the area, and I’d like to thank everyone for their cooperation as we undertake this revitalization project,” said Mayor Acker. “Let’s continue to shop local and show them our support both now and throughout this construction project.”

Fortunately, road closures are temporary and the City is doing everything possible to make them short, while also closing them strategically. Once complete the improvements will be well worth the wait!

Status updates can be found here.