Play On The Edge: It’s Lots of Fun in Spruce Grove

Play On The Edge: It’s Lots of Fun in Spruce Grove Main Photo

14 Mar 2022

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Play On The Edge of Edmonton in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Our community offers free and fun entertainment options like ice skating and cross country skiing, along with museums, art galleries, and activities. For example, Crock a Doodle is Spruce Grove’s popular family destination, where you can enjoy creating something unique, playful, and beautiful. They have all of the supplies you need to paint on pottery, whether it’s a plate for Mother’s Day or a tea set for the house. 

The Allied Arts Council’s Spruce Grove Art Gallery is another popular destination. With classes for children and adults, you can learn how to create using different mediums while also viewing works created by local artists. 

It’s Lots of Fun in Spruce Grove

As the weather warms up, Spruce Grove offers numerous activities that range from enjoying walking and biking trails to local parks and spray parks. Or, taking the boat out on a nearby lake. Spruce Grove is defined by its location surrounded by stunning and wild natural landscapes. It’s no wonder we know how to have fun. Pack your bag and join us in Spruce Grove