Event Support Spruce Grove Can Offer Your Non-Profit Organization!

12 Aug 2019

The Tri Us Event Sponsorship program offers event support Spruce Grove non-profit organizations can potentially be eligible for. This sponsorship provides funding support for events that support the local community. The Economic & Business Development Department created this sponsorship program to assist local non-profit groups fund regional, provincial, national, and international events. Each group can apply for funding assistance for a maximum of two events per year. There are three levels of funding groups can apply for, National which offers up to $750 in assistance, Provincial which offers up to $500 in assistance, and Regional which offers up to $250 in funding assistance. To apply for funding you can click here to fill out an online application form or to get the mailing address to send in the application form via mail. If your group is looking for event support Spruce Grove, look to the Tri Us Event Sponsorship Program!