What Do You Buy an Adventure Seeker for Christmas? Read to Find Out!

What Do You Buy an Adventure Seeker for Christmas? Read to Find Out! Main Photo

13 Dec 2022


Spruce Grove is home to a ton of adventure seekers! Our location means that outdoor adventure is just minutes away and locals take advantage of the ability to hike, fish, mountain bike, etc. throughout the year. It also means that our local retailers know how to outfit an Adventure Seeker and supply them with the latest gifts and gadgets. Here is our list of Spruce Grove retailers making it easy to shop for the outdoorsy people in your family.  

Hooked Up Fishing Gear

Get hooked up with the latest fishing supplies and custom-made tackle in Spruce Grove. Hooked Up Fishing Gear carries apparel, fly reels, lures, rods, deeper divers, skimmers, casting sinkers and every fishing accessory you could imagine. 

Mud Sweat and Gears

This Spruce Grove shop is the destination for Adventure Seekers looking to gear up. Visit their shop for help picking out a new snowboard, mountain bike, skis, skateboards and all the gear an Adventure Seeker will need to chase that adrenaline rush. They also have a repair shop if you want to spruce up a bike that’s been sitting idle for a while. 

Primo Skate & Snow

Buy your Adventure Seeker a new deck for Christmas or let them upgrade their trucks and wheels for greater control. Buy them stickers, skater gear and accessories - whatever you need you’ll find it at Primo Skate & Snow in Spruce Grove. The benefit of coming here, as opposed to buying a board or parts online, is that the staff is really into skating and can provide advice and answer questions. 

Backyard Birds Nature Shop 

Not every outdoor activity has to be an adrenaline rush. For the people on your Christmas list who view a good hike and birdwatching trip as an adventure, the Backyard Birds Nature Shop is a good place to visit. In addition to bird feeders they sell books to teach people about the species native to Alberta, along with everything a person needs to set up a lovely outdoor space that will attract them. 

Find Your Adventure in Spruce Grove: Where It’s Fun to Shop for Christmas

Shopping for Christmas can be stressful with the traffic and crowds. You can avoid that by shopping in Spruce Grove (use our 2022 Wish Book for shopping ideas). Whether you are buying for an Adventure Seeker or a Diva, everything you’re looking for is here!