Where to Find Unique Eats in Spruce Grove

Where to Find Unique Eats in Spruce Grove Main Photo

26 Sep 2022

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For unique eats in Spruce Grove that are sure to keep you coming back for more, try our list of interesting restaurants. Summertime is an excellent time to try something new, so we recommend visiting every restaurant on this list and letting us know which one is your personal favorite. 


Top Unique Eats in Spruce Grove




#1 Jack’s Drive-In

Jack’s Drive-In has been a Spruce Grove favorite since 1960. Visiting is like stepping back in time and enjoying your favorite treats from childhood (ice cream anyone?).

#2 Talking Dog Brewing 

Beer crafted with local ingredients defines Talking Dog Brewing’s approach to handcrafted beer. They are big dog people too so feel free to bring Fido!

RavenWolf Brewing in Spruce Grove#3 RavenWolf Brewing

This community brewery is focused on bringing people together, making it a popular spot to hang out with friends in Spruce Grove. They are in and for the community so stop by to feel welcomed by local owners. 

#4 Barbacoa

For the best “fiery good food” come to Barbacoa in Spruce Grove. You come to Barbacoa to try something unique and exciting. Their bacon and eggs, for example, includes Applewood smoked deviled eggs, bacon marmalade and a grainy mustard aioli. Their beef carpaccio includes Alberta wagyu… you get the message. Come for a unique and delicious meal you’re sure to remember. 

#5 Sandyview Farms

SandyView Restaurant (The Loft) is a must-visit in Spruce Grove. The Loft Restaurant brings the taste of homestyle breakfast and lunch to satisfy your appetite. Think homemade soups, burgers and sandwiches.

#6 Broadway & Grand

In Spruce Grove, Broadway & Grand offers sustainable cuisine that is bursting with creativity. Try their goat cheese crostini, for example, with goat cheese, roasted garlic, red pepper jelly and mango chutney over a crostini. It’s delightful! 

#7 The Beer Hunter

Okay, so you love hunting, but it’s not the right season to get out there? Well, head to the Beer Hunter instead. This local bar is a popular destination in Spruce Grove and is themed to the max. Head over for a pint, your favorite bar food and a good time.