Where to Enjoy Nature in Spruce Grove this Summer

Where to Enjoy Nature in Spruce Grove this Summer Main Photo

20 Sep 2022

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Spruce Grove is the gateway to some of Alberta’s most stunning outdoor spaces. It’s also home to incredible sports and outdoor recreation activities. But what you may not realize is that Spruce Grove has wonderful places to enjoy nature and see wildlife. Here are some of our favorite natural experiences. 

Top Natural Experiences in Spruce Grove

#1 The Big Greenhouse

The Big Greenhouse is a giant greenhouse and garden center that produces 75% of the plants they have for sale. There are so many plants available that you are bound to find ones you have never viewed before. 

#2 Backyard Birds Nature Shop

If you love birds and want them to flock to your backyard, visit the Backyard Birds Nature Shop. They have everything you need to attract Alberta’s favorite birds so that you can enjoy entertainment from the comfort of your porch. Plus, you can purchase birds here as well.       

#3 Wagner Natural Area 

For bird watching in their natural environment, head to Wagner Natural Area. This wetland of boreal forest is home to birds, butterflies, insects and amphibians. 

#4 Hooked Up Fishing Gear

If fishing is your favorite pastime, you’re in luck. Hooked Up Fishing Gear in Spruce Grove sells everything you need to enjoy a day or week of fishing. They even have their own line of bait, made in-house by the owner. 

#5 Kiwi Nurseries

Kiwi Nurseries are another incredible place to find plantings for your garden.