Where to Find Cultural Activities in Spruce Grove this Summer

Where to Find Cultural Activities in Spruce Grove this Summer Main Photo

8 Aug 2022

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Spruce Grove has cultural activities for the entire family this summer. As a community, we have embraced the arts and invested in culture. Here, you can listen to live music, view public art, meet local artists and attend cultural events. 

Top Cultural Events in Spruce Grove This Summer

#1 Spruce Grove City Centre Market - August 14, 2022

The Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association (CCBA)'s City Centre Market is a partnership with the City of Spruce Grove and the start of a more in-depth process to re-energize the City Centre as a gathering place, a focal point for the community and a place where businesses want to locate. Each City Centre Market is uniquely programmed to display the talents of the diverse set of vendors. These home-based and similar businesses have the opportunity to showcase their products to a much wider audience. 

#2 Grain Elevator & Farmers’ Market

The Grain Elevator is a historic site in Spruce Grove and now home to a museum. It is the last remaining wooden Grain Elevator on the CN Rail line west of Edmonton. In addition to being a good place to visit, it’s also the site of Spruce Grove’s farmers’ market. At the market you can find homemade delicious goods, fresh produce, baked goods, meat and more.   

#3 Allied Arts Council 

Spruce Grove is fortunate to be home to the Allied Arts Council. The Council hosts classes for community members, features artists during local shows, and has created stunning murals so that the people of Spruce Grove can enjoy public art. In July, they hosted an online photo show, and they are currently accepting submissions for a show in 2023.       

#4 Wall Mural 

Spruce Grove’s wall murals are the perfect Instagram background. Absolutely gorgeous; our wall murals should not be missed. Now, if you’re not huge on selfies, it’s worth visiting the murals as part of an art-walk.

Visit Spruce Grove (or move here!) to enjoy all of our cultural activities!

Mural in Spruce Grove

Wall Mural in Spruce Grove