Faulkner: Alberta is the 'opposite' province

Faulkner: Alberta is the 'opposite' province Main Photo

15 Apr 2022


Alberta benefits from having one of the youngest demographics in the nation so growth in Alberta won’t be limited to immigration.

"I firmly believe that Alberta will lead the nation in economic growth today and in the future by a notable margin. Our strong economy will also support growth in real estate values throughout the next 10 to 20 years."

There is a re-concerted and reorganized movement to re-invigour what had been started 35 to 50 years ago. That movement is to reconstitute and diversify our region’s industry and economy.

This movement will now take full advantage of the Edmonton region’s resources (human, physical, technological) and our world-class infrastructure in order to create value-added products and services to export to the world.

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