News on Major Projects in Spruce Grove

News on Major Projects in Spruce Grove Main Photo

16 May 2022


For news on major projects in Spruce Grove, visit our website. We have been making major announcements about the Myshak Metro Ballpark, the proposed Civic Centre Project, City Centre Revitalization, and Fiber-Optic Network expansion to name a few. If you missed the announcements, here’s what you need to know. 

Myshak Metro Ballpark

Home to Prospects Baseball, the Myshak Metro Ballpark will be Canada’s newest state-of-the-art ballpark facility. As part of the project, residential condominiums are being built so people can live parkside. In addition to the ballpark development, there will also be an auditorium, outdoor amphitheater, brewpub, and retail opportunities.

Proposed Civic Centre Project

Spruce Grove’s City Council has voted to move forward with the preliminary designs of a Civic Centre - a project that if built would address several needs within the community including an art gallery, theatre space, library, multi-purpose rooms, a walking track course, and a spectator ice rink with expected seating capacity of 1,500 seats. 

City Centre Revitalization

The City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (CCARP) has provided a framework for redevelopment and revitalization of the City Centre. Phase 1 of construction began on May 16th. This phase kick starts the rehabilitation and streetscape revitalization project for McLeod Avenue and Main Street. To learn more about the streetscape project and Columbus Park Construction staging for 2022 and 2023, subscribe at

Fibre-Optic Network

Spruce Grove has developed a fibre-optic broadband strategy. As a result of this strategic planning, TELUS and the City of Spruce Grove invested $54 million to expand the existing fibre optic network. Once the work is complete, over 90% of the homes and businesses within the city will have access to fibre. 

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