Why Local Marketing Still Matters in the Digital Age

Why Local Marketing Still Matters in the Digital Age Main Photo

14 Sep 2021


As our digital worlds have expanded, it has become increasingly popular for small businesses with an ecommerce store or online services to market themselves nationally.

The problem is that many of these businesses are giving up their local marketing efforts in favor of a national approach, believing it to be a superior option. They've been led to believe that focusing locally limits their potential base while national marketing opens the door to a large number of possible consumers. While this is technically correct, the logic ignores the level of scale required to convert customers nationally and the conversion benefits of local marketing.

Local marketing is less expensive than national campaigns
It's a commonly known fact that it takes many touches for an individual to become a customer. We need to reach one potential buyer at least half a dozen times to get them to convert (or become a paying customer). This requires both financial resources and time investment.

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