Canadian Investment Attraction

Canadian Investment Attraction Main Photo

18 Feb 2021


Attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to Canada’s various regions and industries is crucial to growing them, the Canadian companies operating within them, and Canada’s overall economy. FDI in Canada creates jobs, drives innovation, strengthens our supply chains, deepens our tax pool, supports local services, and provides opportunities for social development – in both our urban centres and in our remote communities.

But investment attraction is a high-stakes global competition. This series will look at what Canada’s competitive advantages are and how we can further improve our attractiveness to capital, companies and talent. It will explore this from the perspective of our overall economy, our key industries, and that of our cities and regions from East to West. Most importantly, it will also explore these issues from the perspective of foreign investors themselves who have chosen to invest and grow their businesses in Canada, or our looking at Canada as a possible destination for investment.

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