Meet Major Employers in Spruce Grove’s Professional Services Sector

Meet Major Employers in Spruce Grove’s Professional Services Sector Main Photo

1 Mar 2021

Spruce Grove is home to major employers in the professional services and educational sector. These organizations employ finance, engineering, marketing, human resources and business professionals. Professional educators are also employed by Spruce Grove major employers and are valued by local children and families. The diversity of this sector creates opportunities for businesses and families within our community and we expect continued growth within the space. 

Professional services companies in Spruce Grove include:

  • Seljax International Inc. - a software design company
  • The City of Spruce Grove - the city employs professionals with a wide range of backgrounds
  • Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division - an organization teaching over 4,300 students
  • Parkland School Division - public education serving over 73,000 residents
  • Ready Engineering Corp - assists client in biofuels, chemical and fiber, mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, waste management, nuclear, fossil and green power generation, among others

Support is available for professional services companies looking to expand in Spruce Grove. Contact us for help and for information on area opportunities. 

Get contact information for Spruce Grove’s major employers here.