Get to Know Major Employers in Spruce Grove’s Energy Sector

Get to Know Major Employers in Spruce Grove’s Energy Sector Main Photo

8 Feb 2021

 Spruce Grove has a strong energy sector with major employers who are steadily growing and creating jobs within our community. They employ engineers, surveyors, marketing and financial professionals in addition to installers, field workers, welders, technicians, and construction experts. Though the energy sector may seem concentrated in one particular type of job, the opposite is true. Spruce Grove’s energy sector depends on a wide variety of talents and educational credentials from its employees. Fortunately, our workforce is up to the challenge and can support additional growth in the sector. 

Major employers in Spruce Grove’s energy sector

An exciting cluster of energy sector pipeline related businesses are starting to emerge in Spruce Grove - some are new to our region while others have had decades of success here. Regardless of when they started, they are growing in Spruce Grove. TC Energy (TRANSCANADA Energy), C & L Pipeline Equipment & Supplies, Midwest Pipelines Inc., Rozen Steelworks, Cross Country Infrastructure, Thompson Construction Group, Lea-Der Coatings, RJ Enterprises, and Evolved Energy Services Inc. are a few of the major employers in Spruce Grove’s energy sector. They represent the wide range of companies in the space and demonstrate how regardless of where your energy company fits, there is room for you in Spruce Grove!

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