What is Spruce Grove’s Trade Area?

6 Jan 2020

Spruce Grove’s retail trade area has a population of 138,000, a number expected to grow to 164,000 by 2027. Spruce Grove has amazing potential for expansion! Spruce Grove’s trade area is the area in and around Spruce Grove that are attracting business to Spruce Grove. Located in between the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway and Highway 16A Spruce Grove is an ideal location of trade! Spruce Grove has both primary and secondary retail trade areas marked on their trade area map. The primary trade area is marked as an area surrounding the city with up to a 30 km radius. The secondary trade area goes beyond this 30 km radius and extends to cities like Sangudo and Mayerthrope. What is Spruce Grove’s trade area? To see the entire trade area map of Spruce Grove and further information on the trade area click here and visit our website!