Construction Waste and Building Site Cleanliness

Construction Waste and Building Site Cleanliness Main Photo

20 Jun 2024


To help keep both the community and building sites clean, the City of Spruce Grove has incorporated construction waste and building material storage practices into our Community Standards Bylaw.

Site safety and cleanliness keeps building sites free from debris and helps ensure workers have safe access to construction sites, and residents have safe access to neighbouring sidewalks and driveways.

Bylaw highlights include:

  • Builders should keep a tidy construction site by not accumulating excess building materials, garbage, and debris.
  • Construction materials will need to be stored neatly, this includes waste, building materials, equipment, and excavated materials.
  • Waste and building materials will need a dedicated storage location on site for the duration of the project and should not be stored outside of where work is being completed. This includes on City or public land.
  • A staging/storage area should be developed, upon backfilling, to place materials and equipment neatly. Builders will need to ensure either a gravel pad or poured driveway is established until the project is completed.
  • To dispose of waste, a dedicated garbage container is required on each site. Waste containers must be kept at under 80 per cent capacity, and builders must ensure that no hazardous materials are disposed of in any garbage container or placed into the storm or sanitary sewer system.
  • Builders should also ensure clay and gravel do not enter the sewer system, are not stored on neighbouring lots, and are kept on site.
  • Builders may be asked to install a temporary fence or barrier to maintain site safety. Temporary fencing will help prevent outside entry and dumping and increase safety if a construction site is neighbouring a lot with a different elevation.