Why Key Industries Are Doing Business in Spruce Grove

Why Key Industries Are Doing Business in Spruce Grove Main Photo

11 Apr 2022


There are many reasons key industries are doing business in Spruce Grove. It mostly comes down to access and affordability. This winning combination has proven to be both convenient and lucrative for the city’s main industries. 

Why Spruce Grove for Key Industries?

Spruce Grove’s key industries include transportation and logistics, engineering, procurement and construction, agri-food processing, wholesale trade, industrial fabrication, energy sector supply and service, environmental products, services and technologies, destination retail, and hospitality and accommodation.

Spruce Grove Offers Access

“Everything we need is here in Spruce Grove. The location is central to the domestic drilling market, we have support from the Mayor and Council, and the city is very family oriented to support our staff,” said Darrell Demers, Owner, Lea-Der Coatings.

Why Spruce Grove? Access. That means access to raw materials and markets, as is the case for Lea-Der Coatings, and access to talent and the lifestyle they desire. For example, Spruce Grove is in the Greater Edmonton area with 1.4 million people. Simultaneously, road and rail access provide transportation throughout North America. To make transportation even easier, Jennifer Heil Way north to TransCanada Yellowhead Highway 16 is being improved to accommodate heavy and high loads.

Spruce Grove Offers Affordability 

Due to Spruce Grove’s low industrial land costs, it’s more affordable to establish a business in Spruce Grove than in Edmonton proper. Companies benefit from being part of the overall region with immediate access to the Capital City. In addition, Spruce Grove has low property taxes, no business or machinery & equipment tax, creating additional savings. 

So, why do business in Spruce Grove? Representatives of key industries say it best. “We chose Spruce Grove because it had the best real estate prices in the area compared to other industrial parks,” said Tim Martin, General Manager of Cross Country Canada Supplies & Rentals. Learn more about why businesses are choosing Spruce Grove.