Global Growth Trade Service

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8 Sep 2021


What is the Global Growth Trade Service?

The Global Growth Trade Service makes international trade more accessible for small to medium-sized businesses. Designed to streamline international market entry, our service connects businesses with a trade advisor who identifies and helps remove challenges and works with them to implement and activate their entry strategy to international markets. Over the course of 60 hours, expert trade advisors work one-on-one with businesses to implement customized plans and explore opportunities in international trade. 

Benefits of trade:

  • Increased sales: Selling goods and services to new markets will boost sales and revenues
  • Diversify risk: By targeting multiple markets, your growth opportunities are not tied to one domestic market
  • Compete globally: Selling goods and services to new markets will boost sales and revenues

Are you export ready?

  • Are you already exporting locally or nationally?
  • Do you have a demonstrated ability to commit funds to export development?
  • Are you an owner and/or management team willing to commit time (several hours a month) to international business development?
  • Do you have an interest in exploring new markets, reaching new customers and increasing your revenue?
  • Do you want to increase your business scope and be less reliant on your domestic market?
  • Are you already exporting and looking to enter new markets?
  • Do you already have an export plan and need help/assistance with its implementation and activation?

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