Community stakeholders discuss proposed Civic Centre

Community stakeholders discuss proposed Civic Centre Main Photo

14 May 2021


The Spruce Grove Public Library will welcome a new civic centre to the community with open arms.

“We’ve been talking about the need for a new library space for a number of years and we were consulted as one of the stakeholders, that there could be an opportunity coming up with it. It was appropriate for where we are right now,” said Adam McArthur, chairperson for the Spruce Grove Public  Library Board.

The library board will be discussing the newly proposed Civic Centre at an upcoming board meeting in late May. They will look at the proposal in detail and discuss what is being proposed for community stakeholders. The new library space proposed for the Civic Centre will be a secondary branch, with the main library building staying in the same location.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to look at the partnership for new space. Speaking from the board’s viewpoint, we think that when there’s any project that’s more inclusive, it’s one that’s probably a positive one for our community,” McArthur said. “Library’s are always thinking about different ways to serve our community and our patrons and it’s a diverse group, so being able to have different offerings for these different folks makes a big difference.”

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