Why Spruce Grove? Watch to Find Out

Why Spruce Grove? Watch to Find Out Main Photo

21 Jun 2021


Why Spruce Grove? Spruce Grove is located in the Edmonton region - a region filled with the opportunities that come from being centrally located, connected to the world and having access to the best talent. Spruce Grove, a mid-size city of over 35,000 people, holds a key position within the Greater Edmonton Metropolitan Region and a robust hub with a population of 1.3 million.

Why Spruce Grove? We’re a destination.

Spruce Grove is the service and supply destination for a trade area population of 138,000,  Each year consumers spend $1.9 billion in our city.  They appreciate our big-city amenities without the traffic and crowd congestion.

Discover why residents of the region have said that “We understand business” by watching this video!