Traffic Counts Spruce Grove: How Many Travel Through the City?

24 Feb 2020

The traffic counts Spruce Grove experiences are put up on the economic development website in a daily traffic numbers map. This map shows how many vehicles are traveling through and in Spruce Grove on a daily basis. This gives potential site selectors and new business owners a snapshot of the high traffic areas in the area. For example, Highway 16 is shown to have 35,690 vehicles traveling on it through Spruce Grove on any given day. Highway 16 is a highway that runs parallel to Spruce Grove and has a bridge coming into town and a bridge going out of town. Highway 16A runs straight through Spruce Grove on the south end of the city and sees up to 31,160 vehicles coming from the west and 33,660 leaving the city to the east. Click here to see all the traffic counts Spruce Grove experiences.