Paul Band partners with Alberta Government to create affordable energy, jobs

19 Apr 2018


SPRUCE GROVE EXAMINER.  The Paul Band First Nation has partnered with the Government of Alberta in an effort to make the community’s energy bills more affordable while creating job opportunities.

The Alberta government announced on April 12 that Paul Band would receive $746,808 in program funding that will go towards upgrading fixing energy-efficient housing units, developing a long-term energy plan to help reduce energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions. The money will also go towards increasing community awareness of climate change and to support the development of a 25-megawatt solar farm.

The breakdown of the funding comes from various programs with $193,200 coming from the Alberta Indigenous Energy Efficiency (Retrofit) program. $98,600 came from the Alberta Indigenous Climate Planning Program and $47,408 from the Alberta Indigenous Climate Capacity Program. An additional $407,600 came from the Alberta Indigenous Green Energy Development Program.

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