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Bee Maid Honey

The Alberta Honey Producer’s Cooperative has been around for more than six decades and has had a large presence in Spruce Grove since it moved from Edmonton to its modern packing facility built in 1993. The 72,000-square-foot plant, located at the heart of Spruce Grove’s Diamond Industrial Park, employs around 40 people and processes seven to eight million pounds of quality honey each year.

The company’s unique business model has proven very successful. The Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta Honey Producer Cooperatives collaborate to process, market and ship Bee Maid’s variety of liquid and creamed honey products worldwide. Members of the cooperatives are the actual beekeepers who raise the colonies and are also the co-owners of the Bee Maid brand – a strategy that has given beekeepers an advantage they may not have had otherwise.

Bee Maid Honey is proudly 100% Canadian and is the only honey producer in the country that sources all of its honey from its owners. Not only is the honey processed in Spruce Grove, but it is also packaged in plastic bottles, made right at the plant. Operations at the Spruce Grove facility have been instrumental in positioning the company as one of Canada’s largest honey distributors.

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