Help for Business - Impact of COVID19

18 Mar 2020


COVID19 Resources for Businesses

As things quickly unfold, new measures are being introduced.  We will make every effort to provide the most current and relevant information available.  Visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for a list of financial and business support resources available.  We have created a newsletter to keep you connected and informed.  Sign up here to receive the latest updates.


GREATER PARKLAND REGIONAL CHAMBER (GPRC)  March 26 2020  The GPRC is focused on continuing to build the resiliency of our business community through the challenges posed by COVID-19 and have created a list of answers to commonly asked questions.  Read more…

CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  March 25 2020  We call on governments to provide more direct funding for employees. Other countries have recognized this need and are offering to cover as much as 80 per cent of the incomes of workers who are laid off.  Read more…

CTV NEWS  March 24 2020  The mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses in Ontario to help curb the spread of COVID-19 is now in place.  Read more…

ALBERTA GOVERNMENT  March 23 2020  Critical Infrastructure Strategic Impact Survey is intended to assist provincial planners and decision makers identify strategic issues to be considered during the COVID-19 pandemic response.  Financial support for working Albertans who are experiencing a loss of income resulting from self-isolation due to COVID-19.  Applications now open.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU, PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA  March 23 2020  Prime Minister announces support for farmers and agri-food businesses under Canada’s response to COVID-19.  Read more…   The Government of Canada is supporting our country’s researchers as they do critical work to protect the health and safety of all Canadians, and people around the world, during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Read more…

FOLIO  March 23 2020  Some of Canada's top virologists at the institute are focusing on research into diagnostic tests, antiviral drugs and vaccines against the new coronavirus.  Read more…

BUSINESS WIRE  March 18 2020  Entos Pharmaceuticals (Entos) announced their development of a Fusogenix DNA vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infections.  Read more…

GLOBE & MAIL  March 16 2020  Most businesses not covered for potential interruptions from coronavirus, insurance industry warns.  Read more…

INSURANCE BUREAU OF CANADA (IBC) March 16 2020  COVID-19 & Business Insurance: how coverage is triggered.  Read more…





“The City has the space we need—store frontage with lots of traffic and warehouse space.”

Rik Kaminsky, Co-Owner and CEO, Solaré Canada Inc.



“Retaining long-term employees is key. It’s difficult to do, but we’ve done it in Spruce Grove.”

Jack Seguin, Owner, Alberta Precast Products



“In Spruce Grove we have everything in the way of retail businesses, excellent schools and first-class sport facilities all right here.” 

Braven Blackwell, President, Seljax



“Locating in Spruce Grove is prime for us.  We need to be centrally located in the province to reach our customers and move our products.”  

Anthony Worbeck, Sales Director, ACKT Industries



“We chose Spruce Grove because it had the best real estate prices in the area compared to other industrial parks.”

Tim Martin, General Manager, Cross Country Infrastructure Services Canada Inc.



“The feeling of home and family orientated culture has allowed us to retain our most valuable asset, our people.”

Neil Matheson, CFO, Thompson Construction Group