From stately homes on urban streetscapes to planned communities with parks, trails and other amenities, Spruce Grove offers a wide variety of housing styles and lifestyle choices. 

You can choose an established neighbourhood with its mature landscaping or one of the exciting new neighbourhoods featuring the latest 21st century design – and with nearby amenities and services your family will appreciate.

Did you know?

  • Our higher than average household size is confirmation of the strong family orientation of the Spruce Grove market and provides further support for shops and services that cater to a younger demographic
  • The attractiveness of Spruce Grove as a location to raise a family is represented by the preferred tenure of housing as single family dwellings
  • 81% of the housing stock is owned as opposed to rented – this relative affordability for new single family homes is a major reason why Spruce Grove continues to grow at the pace that it is.

More facts about Spruce Grove can be found in the City's Retail & Office Market Analysis.