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With its strategic location, access to skilled labor, well-developed infrastructure, and reputation for sustainable planning, Spruce Grove is rapidly growing.

As we grow, industry clusters have emerged that are poised to generate jobs, investment, and increased economic activity.

These key industries are a primary focus for the economic development team at Spruce Grove, and we invite your business to explore the advantages and synergies of locating within our vibrant community.


Transportation and logistics

All-season heavy haul routes connect to major  transit corridors, as well as to rail and air connections.

Warehousing and supply

With six industrial parks Spruce Grove has abundant land for development  for mid-sized warehousing and supply centres.

Food processing and distribution

Growing global demand for food, as well as the strong consumer interest in locally produced food products, Spruce Grove is positioned for growth opportunities in this sector. 

Environmental products, services and technologies

Spruce Grove has the skilled labor force and community amenities that appeal to entrepreneurs in the innovative and knowledge-intensive fields.

Oilfield and industrial services and manufacturing

Increased oil and gas-related activity in the greater region has attracted the attention of next-generation oil and gas industry entrepreneurs. The nearby Acheson Industrial Area includes supply-chain businessesthat build strength in this industry cluster.

Destination retail, hospitality and food and accommodation services

A major commercial centre for some 300,000 regional residents, Spruce Grove has a well-developed retail services economy with opportunity for expansion. Specifically, the hospitality industry is underrepresented and there is a strong need for more hotels in the city.

Business and professional services

The industries in this cluster are attracted to Spruce Grove’s skilled workforce, quality of life, and strategic location. The city is developing a next generation broadband strategy to increase connectivity and speed. 

Event tourism

Event tourism is one of the highest growth potential ‘industries’ in  Spruce Grove.  While considerable progress has been achieved in developing this sector, the goal remains to draw more tourists and capture the associated retail, commercial, and hospitality expenditures.

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