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IROC Hydraulics

Starting out as a one-man operation with one work truck, IROC Hydraulics has grown into a true Spruce Grove success story. Established in 2003, the company is nearing 20 years in business.  

“We are excited to build on relationships with our local business partners,” says Jeffrey Resnick, Co-Owner and General Manager of IROC Hydraulics. “We have the capacity to really support the local community in building a strong regional economy coming out of the pandemic.”

As a distribution and service provider for everything hydraulics, IROC offers design, repair, equipment, and installation services to clients in many sectors, including the transportation, forestry, construction, oilfield, industrial, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors. From its 15,000-square-foot facility on 2 acres in Spruce Grove, the company’s team of 7 staff commit to providing the highest quality service in the shop and in the field.

“We focus on keeping costs down so we can provide exceptional pricing with our superior products and services,” adds Jeffrey. “We are dedicated to achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.” IROC’s 24-hour field service minimizes costly downtime for clients, and their specialized testing and maintenance solutions create invaluable efficiencies.

The team can design and construct custom hydraulic systems for any application. Recently, they have focused on projects for hydraulic cylinder and pump rebuilds, and have been filtering oils from contaminants and water, as well as flushing equipment to clean out hydraulic systems. The company rents HYDAC filter carts and custom manufactures different filter carts for various customers. With these specialized skills and services, IROC is well positioned for larger scale projects as their clients look to build on existing operations or diversify into new areas of growth.

IROC Hydraulics will continue to intensify work in industries they are already engaged in and explore new markets into the future, with particular interest in wind energy hydraulics. Locating in Spruce Grove has supported the company’s ability to do this. “Our customers can reach us much easier than they can many other hydraulic shops, without having to fight big city traffic,” says Jeffrey. “Our location in Spruce Grove allows us to provide both optimal service and optimal support.”

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